What’s your special sauce?

How to cook up a powerful personal brand

What do you do better than most? In what situations do you think “I’ve got this” and know you’re going to add value? Identifying the individual skills and talents you bring to situations, at work and home, is a valuable exercise. And by articulating and owning your “special sauce”—and bringing it with intention into your life and work—you can transform your interactions.

What’s your special sauce?

In this workshop

It’s that thing that no one else brings. We’ll help you identify, articulate and ultimately own your individual “special sauce”—those soft skills, talents and traits you bring to your work and daily life that have unique value and currency. We’ll share practical examples and discuss how you can bring your personal talents into focus so that you can do more of what you do best.

Group or individual workshop
Facilitation with short exercises: 60-90 minutes
Includes workbook, take-home exercises and tips for applying

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