Take a powerful position:

The three Ps of brand strategy and development

Your brand is your emotional connection with the people who make you successful. It’s made up of every exposure and experience that your customers, your employees and the world at large have with your company. Your brand holds the key to keeping your most important relationships strong and active. In this session, we dig deep with your executive team into your Three Ps—your company’s purpose, position and personality. Get to the heart of your brand.

Take a powerful position:

In this workshop

We’ll uncover your core strength and offering and identify the clients you serve best, the qualities that make you unique and believable, and the attributes that define your brand. We’ll help you establish a five- and 10-year horizon for your brand, identify your foothold in the market, and align on your brand’s personality. After the session, we’ll take the input and develop for your team a “North Star” brand framework that is equal parts purpose, positioning, brand pillars, brand voice and messaging and that can serve as a guide for all your communications and content. 

Facilitation with group and individual exercises: 3 hours
Includes inspiration, exercises and a brand strategy framework document developed after the session

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