How to herd creative cats:

Getting the most from your agency

Remember those projects—few and far between—where everything went perfectly? You stayed on budget and on time, and the creative was memorable. Your teams were engaged—on fire, even. What made the stars align, and how can you re-create that scenario? The spark between agency and client starts with your team.

How to herd creative cats:

In this workshop

We’ll share insights about the creative agency mind-set, delving into the secrets of team chemistry. Sharing research and examples about how to inspire teams to do their best work (and have fun doing it!), we’ll cover effective project kickoffs that will set your team up for success and discuss giving feedback in ways that inspire. We’ll walk through several applicable scenarios and examples, including finding and vetting your creative partners, learning the anatomy of inspirational creative briefs and improving your agency relationships with each engagement.


Facilitation with group exercises: 60 minutes
Includes inspiration, examples, checklists and templates

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