Get to the heart of your audience:

Why storytelling means business

Storytelling is the most powerful and persuasive engagement tool because we humans are wired for it. Story is how we find meaning, make emotional connections, forge lasting relationships and inspire ourselves to act. The world’s great brands and communicators know that storytelling is here to stay, and they use it skillfully to their competitive advantage. Use the power of storytelling to make meaningful connections and impact.

Get to the heart of your audience:

In this workshop

We’ll show you how to use essential elements of storytelling—including characters, setting, plot, conflict, dramatic tension and resolution—as catalysts for connection, meaning and impact. Using examples and short exercises, we’ll illustrate the power of story while providing you with practical guidance and training on how to use these techniques for day-to-day business objectives and long-term goals.

Facilitation with group and individual exercises: 90 minutes
Includes workbook with structure examples, story types, exercises and tips

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