Jute is a women-owned design + strategy studio

Before we launched an agency, we were clients who hired agencies. We know how important it is to deliver big-thinking creative within the constraints of real-world business challenges. That’s what we’re here to do for you, across the full range of product and service marketing.

Equity in action

Equity in action

We believe in creating equity rather than using it as a buzzword or a box to tick. Equity work isn’t about having all the answers. We believe it's about asking tough questions, and leading with intention and vulnerability. Through equity in action, we hope to create the kinds of inclusion and welcoming we want to see in the world.

Our story

Our story

To date, we’ve primarily recruited wonderful talent by referral, but this has also meant that our collective does not represent the broader community in which we live and work. We want to change this. We know that we will be stronger, more creative and simply better through diversity.

Who we are


Women owned and led

75% Women


6% People of color

Our Founders' Mind-set Leads the Way

Jute Creative was founded by two women who knew they wanted to work together from the first day they met. The alchemy of their strengths made them a natural fit to helm an agency. Kari, with her uncanny ability to help clients move forward. And Julie, with her mastery of managing the now. Together they bring their founders' mind-set to everything Jute does, backed by a handpicked team of A+ creative talent.

Kari Olivier, Jute Creative Co-Founder

Kari Olivier


Kari is a visionary leader and a rapid-fire thinker who advocates tirelessly for outstanding work. Her secret sauce is an uncanny ability to see around roadblocks, imagine solutions and apply fresh thinking to creative challenges.

A talented marketer with 25 years’ experience, Kari has enjoyed a career that spans corporate retail, B2B marketing and agency-side leadership. She approaches each project with an instinctive and resourceful eye for increasing client returns and producing incisive, strategy-driven creative that fuels results.

Julie Bosack, Jute Creative Co-Founder

Julie Bosack


Julie is all about connecting with people. Intuitive and curious, she brings infectious optimism and thoughtful reflection to what is—and isn’t—being said. Julie has high standards and challenges herself and others to go bigger and do better, bringing hard work, attention to detail, strategic thinking and timely follow-up to every project.

Julie has been leading creative work since graduating from Northwestern's School of Communication. Not afraid to ask—and answer—the tough questions, Julie is dogged in her efforts to get results for her clients.